Foster Care in New Hampshire

More than 700 children in New Hampshire need foster families each year. While every foster child is unique, they all share one common experience - they have been removed from their homes because their families were unable to care for them appropriately. They are all in need of positive parental figures to bring them up in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment.

Ascentria offers an individualized service option [ISO] foster care program which is designed to serve children who are in need of intensive level services. This level of foster care has an individualized approach to provide supportive services to children who exhibit chronic mental, emotional, physical, and/or behavior problems that require a high level of supervision and consistent structure.

As a foster parent, you would assist the children placed in your home to reach their potential by teaching positive skills to help the children manage their emotions, help them to recognize their own innate value as a person, restore their trust in other people and help them build and maintain lasting relationships. Ascentria works closely with the New Hampshire Division for Children, Youth and Families to provide highly personalized supports for foster families who can parent a child in need. These individualized services provide foster families with higher levels of support than other types of foster care.

Foster parents may help a child for only a few days or for a much longer time. Some foster placements end in adoption and become “forever families.”  We hope you will join the list of families who accept the challenges and experience the joys of being a foster parent.

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