Financial Overview

New Collaborations and Business Models: Essential to Our Future

Ascentria’s greatest asset is its access to valuable human capital. The organization will only achieve its long term goals by working synergistically within the communities it serves.

In central Massachusetts, Ascentria is collaborating with other human services providers, community partners, and The Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts to develop a transformational model for refugee integration. By improving the coordination of services and tailoring care plans, these partnerships promise to more effectively empower refugees with the skills and resources they need to achieve long term success in their new communities.

Collaborations like this are part of an exciting and vital movement across Ascentria to provide holistic, human-centered services that enable the individuals and families we serve to achieve sustainable quality of life and contribute to their communities. This movement is critical in a time when demand for effective human services is strong and government funding is increasingly unreliable.

For Ascentria to achieve our vision of lifting people out of poverty, new models of collaboration and business are essential. We must also transform how we finance our work—from primarily relying on government contracts to developing a “diversified funding solution” that includes social enterprise ventures, corporate and community partnerships, and a growing and invested donor base.

Our Language Bank program, which provides interpretation and translation services in 60+ languages to government, healthcare and educational institutions, is a successful social enterprise. It provides a valuable service to the communities it serves, produces income which supports Ascentria’s mission-based programming, and offers meaningful workforce development opportunities for our clients. We plan to expand this initiative, and to explore other social enterprise opportunities, in the coming year.

Local and regional foundations, individual donors, and faith based organizations also provide critical private funding necessary to develop our new holistic model of care. We will continue to grow this important base of support in 2016 and beyond to help us build the financial health, flexibility and partnerships necessary for the success of those we serve.

Everyone at Ascentria is inspired by our collaborations with you, our friends and partners, to strengthen the communities we serve by empowering people to respond to life’s challenges. We look forward to continuing this important journey together.
FY 2017 Ascentria Care Alliance Annual Report

2017 Ascentria Care Alliance Annual Report

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