Domestic Adoption

Ascentria offers three ways to adopt a child from the United States:

Ascentria is your full-service domestic infant adoption program. We prepare prospective adoptive families through pre-adoption counseling and the home study process, and we assist birthparents in making plans for the permanent care of their unborn children. When adoption is the plan, we help birthparents to select the family who will parent their child. We encourage birthparents and prospective adoptive families to meet before the birth and determine together the extent of on-going contact they will share. 

We can assist you to fulfill the legal requirements of Identified Adoption, in which prospective adoptive parents and expectant birthparents are matched outside of the agency. Many of our families network with friends and family to identify a birthparent who may wish to make an adoption plan. In most instances, the newborn infant is placed in the care of the adoptive family upon discharge from newborn hospital care, and the adoption is finalized within six to eight months.

The children placed through the Ascentria infant adoption program are predominately healthy newborns of Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, or multiracial parents. When you have completed a home study and the approval process, your family profile will be entered into the Ascentria pool of approved families and you’ll have an equal opportunity to be selected by any birth mother who is seeking a home for her child. The wait for a placement may range from a few days to several months, or even a couple of years. Finalization typically takes place within six to eight months after placement. 


Ascentria Adoption Services is happy to work with families directly to complete relative, step-parent, and co-parent adoptions. In accordance with the laws of your state of residence, a home study, with supporting documentation such as police and protective services clearances, is generally required. We can assist you every step of the way towards the legalization of your existing parent-child relationship, as in step-parent and co-parent relationships, and in the fostering of new family bonds in the adoption of infants who are related to the adopting family.

Depending upon your individual needs, services may include counseling, termination of parental rights of the birthparents if necessary, post-placement reporting where required, preparation and submission of court documents, and attendance at the finalization hearing. The fees and requirements in these adoptions vary from state to state.

We are happy to collaborate with any licensed placement agency of your choice by providing all direct services including home study, adoption education, post-placement support and finalization services as needed.

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