What We Do

We enable and encourage people to make good choices. When people are equipped with strong decision making skills, they are better able to advocate on their own behalf and lead more positive and fulfilling lives.

Building Relationships
We help support and promote relationship building in the community and workplace for all participants.  By combining our professional services with assistance from family, co-workers, friends and neighbors, we work with each person to develop a support network and a strong sense of belonging in their community.  With each person, we strive to break down  any barriers that can exclude or limit someone’s involvement and participation in life enhancing activities.

Individualized Approach
We design and implement a unique plan of service for – and with – each individual. By focusing on each person’s strengths and talents, we support the individual’s quest for self-confidence, independence and a stable, healthy life. We work with the individual, their family and professionals  to design and implement an individualized and flexible approach to services, which meets the goals of all.

By employing a “whole life” approach, we are able to assist individuals as they build relationships, develop satisfying work, pursue leisure activities and enjoy a rewarding and healthy life.