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Refugees and immigrants have have always been the building blocks of American society and culture. They -- we -- have richly contributed to the character and strength of the American way of life for generations. At Ascentria Care Alliance, we believe the warm and generous welcome Americans have traditionally given refugees and immigrants reaffirms the roots and ideals of our American society.

To effectively facilitate the economic and social integration of refugees and immigrants into American society, Ascentria Care Alliance is committed to providing the highest quality services throughout the resettlement period, foster the self-sufficiency of refugee and immigrant families, inform and educate the community about the refugee and immigrant experience, and partner with volunteers and the community to support our new neighbors.

In addition to basic resettlement services, we provide a variety of services to assist refugees and immigrants with their transition to their new homeland and culture.

In New Hampshire, we provide statewide Interpretation services for both refugees and immigrants through the Language Bank.

In Massachusetts, we offer refugee resettlement services; legal services for immigrants; foster care for refugee children through the Unaccompanied Refugee Minors Program (URMP); and the micro-enterprise development program to train and assist refugees and asylees to start or strengthen their own business and attain economic self sufficiency through self-employment.

For many years, the US government has demonstrated international leadership by responding to refugee emergencies promptly and generously. America continues to affirm its capacity to welcome and integrate newcomers fleeing terror, oppression or looking for a new start. It is what makes this country great.

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Services for New Americans program (SNA) in Massachusetts

Services for New Americans program (SNA) in New Hampshire

Immigration Legal Assistance program (ILAP) in Massachusetts