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My First Snow: This day I can't forget forever for my whole life

The day before yesterday snow was falling. At that time I am much too happy by watching snow. Snow was white in color and many Nepali people are happy in the Concord area. There is good scenery looking outside. Then trucks are coming to collect snow at the side of the road. After that when the snow falling stopped, at that time I went outside the house and I played, sledding on the snow.

After that I went to Manchester for a seminar at the church. We were four people inside the car. Then I looked outside when the car arrived there was beautiful scenery. At the side of the path or street there was snow collected by the truck. So at that time I was very happy by looking at the snowfall.

This day I can't forget forever for my whole life.

~ Lok

My First Snow: A gift of nature

As soon as I arrived in NH, I was surprised about the snow stories. People told me there will be snowfall from the mid of November. People said the snow will be taller than you. I was very surprised and gazed at them with my wide gaping mouth hearing their snow stories.

But the days passed and the snow didn't fall during the month of November. But as soon as the December month began to approach, there is a sign of snowing. On December 6, I myself saw the snow falling slowing like the floating of white pieces of cotton in the breeze.

It was Sunday, I had been to the family store to buy second-hand things. While I was getting back home, on the way, I was beaten by the snow. At first I was very afraid whether I would be frozen, but luckily I escaped for home walking two miles.

As I observed the snowing, I was very curious to see it continuously. It felt like the pieces of the cotton floating in the light air. It began to form beautiful shapes. It attracted my attention observing it. I was overjoyed and thought a moment of snowing is a wonderful gift of nature to human beings. Such a wonderful gift of nature is not found everywhere.

~ Sabitra

My First Snow: With my own eyes

When I am in New Hampshire I am very happy also. I am enjoying friends, too. As I am living here since three months, I heard that snow will fall here and I don't care about it. Now I saw snow with my own eyes and then I am afraid because it will be cold with this snow and we don't have any idea what to do and what not to do.

I am also afraid as how can we go to the hospital as well as school. We are new and don't have a car. Also we heard that the snow will cause many difficulties in our life. Sometimes it can freeze our hands and legs, if we don't wear snow boots and a thick jacket. But we don't have any income so how can we wear these many needy things?

But now I am also happy to get a chance to see this white snow with my own eyes in America. If we were there in Nepal we would never see the snow. We also can have new ideas for many things here.

~ Naina