Employment and Vocational Services


The Federal Government has very strict guidelines for the employment of refugees. Ascentria participates in a federal matching grant program that discourages reliance on public assistance and encourages early employment for refugees. There is the expectation that all new arrivals participating in this program will have employment as soon as possible.

In New Hampshire and Massachusetts the job developer assists each employable refugee by providing an orientation to employment in the US, identifying potential jobs, accompanying them to job interviews and arranging transportation for interviews or job training. In addition, in Massachusetts, this service is available for both refugees and immigrants.

It is the goal of the job developer to place refugees and immigrants in jobs, when possible above minimum wage and with benefits. Click for list of current employers in New Hampshire.

Ascentria programs in Massachusetts receive funding from the Massachusetts Office of Refugee and Immigrants to offer a variety of vocational training opportunities:
  • Comprehensive Refugee Employment Services (CRES) assist refugees with the fast-track employment options, and offer Employability, Computer Proficiency, ESOL and Adult Literacy training classes.
  • Targeted Assistance Grant (TAG) offers skill-specific training for careers as a:
    • home health aide
    • carpenter
    • plumber
    • translator
    • truck driver
    • housekeeper
    • restaurant staff
  • Achieving Self-Sufficiency In Short Time (ASSIST) offers skill-specific employment training to single-parents, disabled, and older refugees. and offers training for a career as a:
    • direct care professional
    • driver
    • food preparer and handling
    • hospitality worker
  • Job Search/Job Readiness program(JS/JR), funded by the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance, offers fast-track employment services to non-English speaking persons (immigrant/ refugee/ others) receiving public assistance.
  • The Immigrant and Refugee Agriculture Initiative (IMMAG) offers vocational services that train for employment with nurseries, farms and landscapers. They also offer beginning farmers assistance for refugees that want to start their own farms. For more information please visit the IMMAG website.