Refugee Resettlement

Resettlement generally refers to the first 90 days of service refugees receive after arrival.

Ascentria staff meets each individual or family at the airport and takes them to their new home. The resettlement program locates and furnishes an appropriate apartment, and pays rent for the first 30 days. Food is available on arrival, sometimes bought and prepared by volunteers. Staff provides a basic safety orientation immediately after the arrival.

During the first 30 days, referrals are made to appropriate employment and ESOL services, children are registered for schools, health screenings are arranged, and families are assisted with applications for social security cards and other benefits like food stamps and Medicaid.

Throughout the resettlement period, staff and Ascentria volunteers assist all families to complete medical appointments as needed, orient them to shopping and the use of public transportation in the US and to other available community resources. In-depth orientation to American society and culture is also provided.