Emmanuel House Residence

Emmanuel House Residence is now Connemara Senior Living Campello

Ascentria Care Alliance has transitioned the ownership of Emmanuel House Residence in Brockton to Connemara Senior Living, effective March 1, 2018. John Burke, president and owner of Connemara, is the new executive director. The residence has been renamed Connemara Senior Living Campello, which reflects its location and the unique history of Brockton.

Ascentria President and CEO Angela Bovill acknowledges that it has become clear that Emmanuel House will need a significant commitment of resources, management talent and focus to remain strong in a highly competitive industry. Ascentria’s top priority is to ensure that residents and staff at Emmanuel House have a successful environment in which to live and work. We’re confident that this change will benefit the residents, the staff and the facility.

You can visit the Connemara Senior Living Campello website at www.connemaraseniorliving.com.