English For Speakers of Other Languages

All new arrivals are referred to the appropriate English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) class in their resettlement area. Classes in both states are funded by Department of Education (DOE) and are open to both refugees and immigrants.

Please call the office for specific information on where and when classes are being held. Generally speaking:

• Massachusetts offers ESOL classes in West Springfield and Worcester. Classes are offered for multiple competency levels including basic, intermediate, and advanced ESOL, and are funded by the Massachusetts Department of Education (DOE). In addition, Ascentria offers conversation, employment and adult literacy classes with an intensive curriculum designed to prepare clients for employment.

• New Hampshire primarily offers beginning level ESOL classes in Laconia and Concord and occasionally in other areas depending on the location of new arrivals. More advanced students are referred to other ESOL providers.
The ESOL curriculum is a competency-based model and focuses on helping students reach early self-sufficiency by incorporating community and societal orientation with an emphasis on job-related ESOL instruction. Classes are also designed to assist students in learning cross-cultural perspectives in parenting and family life.
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